Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Rest of Thursday

So the fun didn't end after the big bash was over...

First, Dovi received possibly the most clever gift ever. He loves it. Nice job, Nachman!

After that, some people hung out at my house, some people went visiting, and others played in the first annual Thanksgiving Day football bash.

Then everyone came back for....waddaya know....more food!

And my house looked like this again...

I think this might be my favorite picture from the entire weekend. Just sums it up!

Then my lucky children were serenaded on their way up to bed. Shana did NOT go for it...hence the lack of pictures of her. I believe at this point she was sitting in her bed screaming "GO AWAY JOE" at the top of her lungs. Silly girl.

Jakie and Elisha, though? Big fans of the serenade. This might be my favorite picture of Jakie ever taken. Ever.

As became usual that weekend, my house did not go to sleep until abut 1:30 in the morning.

BTW I don't want you all to think that our families weren't present for everything...but I didn't take many pictures and Benji (counselor Benji, not to be confused with hubby Benjie) that's what I got.

Next up, Friday!


Stephanie said...

Love that pick of J and E hugging on the ground, I mean, playing football!

Shosh said...

AWESOME pictures!!!!!!!

CantStopBaking said...

That picture with the heads in a circle is really cute! Looks like you guys had a blast :)

galiah said...

great gift for D!! i'm cracking up picturing what the embroidery place must've been thinking when they got that request...;)
the best part of the picture is the laughter/smiles on your other boys' faces as they see what it is...

Ahuva said...

Unbelievable pictures! I am having so much fun looking at these, I can't even begin to imagine how much fun it was in real life.
Thanks for posting all of these great shots-