Thursday, January 28, 2010

We Meet Again, My Pretties

Remember last year?

My pretties are back. But I bought myself a new pair. These ones are black and white patent. Pretty cute if I might say so myself.

I wore them today.

Yes, I wore them today.



As most of you know, this year it's not Benjie and Sara's happy little honeymoon. This year it's Benjie, Sara, Elisha, Shana, Jacob, and Dovi's Winter Vacay.

Things are a bit different when traveling with your kids.

Last Year:
Car: Sporty little yellow two door

Luggage: Two small rollies

Sleeping Arrangements: I got to share a bed with my husband

Dining: When we felt like it, where we felt like it.

Entertainment: Pool. Beach. Restaurant. Rinse. Repeat.

Race Day: I roll out of bed at 4 am, Wander downstairs to bus. Benjie takes spectator shuttle at 6:30 am. Alternate between hot tub and pool rest of day.

This year:
Car: Green Minivan. Yeah. We've got a sweet ride.

Luggage: Many suitcases. Many overweight suitcases that required rearrangement at the airport to avoid overweight charges.

Sleeping Arrangements: I get to sleep with a very cute little girl who is a bed hog, and Benjie with a fabulous 12 year old who has a habit of pishing out of his diaper.

Dining: Tightly scripted, ongoing. Much ongoing whining of "I'm hungry" heard over and over and over, even 5 minutes post snacking. Much ice cream and french fries eaten.

Entertainment: Lion Country Safari. Wanadoo City. Looking for more ideas (We did Parrot Jungle last time we were here. Need one more 1/2 day activity. And remember that I'm pretty cheap)

Projected Race Day: Benjie picks up babysitter at 3:45 AM (yes, 3:45 AM). I wrestle Dovi into his clothes without waking up ESJ. Dovi, Benjie and I go on the runners' bus at 4:30 am. Dovi will be crabby. Babysitter drags kids to spectator bus at 6:30. I do not envy that girl. I'm not sure the $10/hour we're paying her will be sufficient. Alternate between hot tub and chasing children rest of day.

But I have to say, it's all worth it. My kids were swimming at 10 am this morning while it was 10 degrees in Chicago.


Anonymous said...

What a difference! You and hubby will need vacation after this "vacation"...we'll be cheering you (and all other Chi friends) from here in icy Chicago!! gut shabbos..Aviva

Shira said...

I'll be joining you in Miami in 4 hours. But of course by the time I get there, I'm sure it'll be raining :). Maybe we'll see you!! Good luck running!!!!

npl said...

BeHatzlacha to the whole team!
And hope you find a great activity for today!

Anonymous said...

there should be a medal just for the logistics of race day!

have you been to this place?

enjoy the sun! and i'm assuming that there is still some friendly competition between you and the other racers in your family? which we'll hear about later?

Anonymous said...

What about Crandon Park Zoo? You can watch alligators walk across the sidewalk in front of you (at least that happened the last time I was there - oh wait, I guess dinasours were still roaming the earth the last time I was at Crandon Park Zoo!)
Enjoy, enjoy!!

Miriam said...

Enjoy! And Hatzlacha with the race!

Anonymous said...

i am so jealous!!! next year can we go together? good luck tomorrow. we are thinking of you. love, tamar and aaron

Stephanie said...

There is no longer a Crandon Park zoo. It closed long ago. We have a fabulous Metro Zoo now - modeled after San Diego Zoo - all natural habitats, no cages. And a lovely Amazon area built by Disney. Plus and indoor education facility currently exhibiting Monster Insects - a place we spend lots of air conditioned time in the summer.

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I hope the race went well. Can't wait to hear about it. Hope you are enjoying the warm weather!