Thursday, January 14, 2010


You might be wondering what that is.

That is the screw that Dr. Feldman removed from Dovi's leg on Tuesday.

With a screwdriver.

I've mentioned in the past that Dovi had a screw from his surgery in April sticking out of his bone. No, not out of his skin. It was bulging under his skin-you could feel the top-but didn't break through his skin (yikes. If that had happened I would have. freaked. out. extremely. much)

So Dr. Feldman removed the screw.

It was no biggie. (ha)

I asked him how it came out.

"with a screwdriver, of course"

And then he gave it to me to keep.

As a souvenir, y'know.

Here it is to look at again.

Yes, it's almost as long as the bottle of eye drops.

And it was in his bone. Now it is in my purse.



Rayli said...

yikes! is right!!!

Sarah said...

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Yehudit said...

That is a bit disgusting if I might say.
But it is your blog!!