Monday, June 30, 2008

My Rant for the Day

Today I took the kids to camp-it was their first day-HOORAY! They've been off waaaaaaay too long-three weeks!

I had my van FULL of stuff for Mr. D-formula, stroller, pedialyte, etc. I pulled up to the parking lot-PEOPLE HAD PARKED IN THE HANDICAPPED SPACES. Now lest you think maybe these were handicapped people, one had a vanity plate, and I recognized the other van. There were therefore no open handicapped spaces. One of the vans wasn't even in a handicapped space-it was in the yellow crosshatched space that is meant for unloading from a lift. So if the person who had their van parked legally in the handicapped space had a lift, they would not have been able to load/unload their child.

What on earth is wrong with some people? What makes you so special that you can do that? It is just so rude and WRONG.

I left a message for the head of camp to call me and I'm hoping she'll be willing to put a blurb about it in the camp newsletter or even send home a flier today.

I will update as events warrant :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dirty Dancing

Benjie and I are having are favorite Saturday night acitvity...watching Dirty Dancing on TV. It makes me happy. I sing along the whole time :) I cannot wait until the musical comes to Chicago (Sept 28, not that I'm keeping track) So I must discuss this for a bit.

How on earth did my mother (and I know you read this, Mommy) allow us to watch this movie about teenage pregnancy and sex at the age of 10? We were that age-I distinctly recall watching it at Erica Lang's house like EVERY day one summer. We could not have been older than 10 or 11, because it was before my Bat Mitzvah. So I must have been 10.

How was this a good choice? Innocent girl goes on vacation with her parents, and falls in with the wild crowd of staff at the resort. Gets involved in illegal abortions, is deflowered by her dance instructor-all while she could not have been more than 16.

Why were we allowed to watch it?


Friday, June 27, 2008

Newest Form of Child Torture:

Waking your five year old up at 10:30 at night for your VERY nice neighbor to give her a strep test.

OMG she was psycho! Well in all honesty, I wouldn't be very happy if someone dragged me out of my cozy bed and then told be they were going to stick a long q-tip down my throat either.

It took about 10 minutes to get her to agree to do it.

It was negative.

I feel kind of bad.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dovi's doctor appointments

Wed was sleep medicine after the debacle of the sleep study. He's going on BiPap (which is a brand name-like Kleenex-who knew?!). They've sent us home with the mask for him "to get used to" and they'll be calling me with the date that we're going to come in to the PICU and sleep there one nigh while they titrate the settings.

Today was endocrine-at the insane hour of 8:20am-and we were on time! It was to discuss the Pamidronate and a little discussion of his height/growth hormone. We had another bone age done and whe's going to give us orders for labs, and then we will come up with a course of treatment. I didn't 100% understand what she told me, but there is a corollation between growth hormone deficiency and bone density issues-so putting him on growth hormone (in addition to Pamidronate) might actually help his bone health.

So we've got a few plans but no action yet.

It never ends...

Shana has had some idiotic virus since Tuesday. I took off Wed and today-and of course she's been sick the whole time and we haven't been able to do anything. Add to that two doctor appointments for Dovi (scheduled), one session of OT, and 2 swimming classes, and it's been a pretty sucky 2 days off. My house is a sty, the kids are crabs, and I'm crabby.
OK my house isn't a sty-just the den is.
Shabbos is cooked.
Laundry is done.
Ironing 95% done-I shall finish when I'm done with this post.
Table Set, Licht ready.
I just need everyone to go to bed and I'll be much happier.
Which will occur in 15 minutes.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Thank You, Dovi!!

Yesterday was the annual Chai Lifeline Family Day at Great America.

After thoroughly guilting Benjie, he skipped softball and left at 9:45 with Elisha, Dovi and Jakie to the lovely Six Flags. Hey, before the odd guy reader sends me some evil "how could you make Benjie miss his holy Sunday Morning Softball game" comment-these are a bunch off middle aged med who wear entire baseball uniforms (most notably my lovely brother in law David) and pretend that they are real professional ball players-hey-we could have maybe made it if we weren't frum. Sure. Right. If it makes you happy.

Shana and I stayed back because it was her happiest day of the year-Recital Day! Her recital was at 12:30, and no way was she missing it-so we did recital in the morning and then arrived at GA at 3pm. Shan was adorable-we decided on a word to describe her-Shoshana P is SASSY. :) I'll post a pic soon. I changed from my normal attire to my stylish Chai Lifeline t-shirt in the parking lot and we headed in.

We had a lovely afternoon of running between the raindrops and riding rides. Dovi and Jakie, my fearless ones, rode The Dark Knight. As they were heading there, we headed over to the SkyTrek or whatever they call that big ring that goes up the tower, turns around, and goes down. We call it the elevator. Overheard by me on the way:
Elisha (pumping fist in the air) "YES! The elevator!"
I could only giggle-one 5 year old is on The Dark Knight, the other on the elevator :)

The kids had a great time until it was time to leave and chaos ensued to determine who got to ride with Benjie in his car and who with my in my van. Who would've thunk that I am THAT BAD that no boys wanted to go with me? So Benjie crammed all 3 boys in the back of his car with Dovi wedged between the 2 boosters. I took Sylvia Abrahamson from Chai Lifeline home and Michelle and Jonah Levinson-Brian stayed with the big girls to see some random (probably extremely irritating) Disney Teeny Bop Singer. So the fact that we had 2 cars at GA actually paid off!

The kids are exhausted today-and so were me and Benjie last night! We felt soooooo old-and we need to take them back again another day b/c they have those Reading Tickets from school (and we were so smart-we bought the twickets for me, Benjie and Dovi-saved a bunch of moolah that way!)

All in all a lovely day-just don't tell Dr. Feldman that Dovi went on The Dark Knight. At least he didn't go on The Demon-which Jacob went on twice :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dovi has

An Ear Infection

We're on extra nebs and antibiotics...pray it doesn't turn into pneumonia.

He sounds like he's been smoking 3 packs a day for 15 years! (sorry if I offended any smokers-you should quit!!)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I now have the letter

I will transcribe it for your reading pleasure:

Dear Mr. Garfinkel:

The Department's Bureau of Comprehensive Health Services has advised me that they have approved the home care plan that was the subject of this appeal.

Accordingly, I am canceling the hearing scheduled for June 18, 2008.


WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE WON!!!!!
WE WON!!!!!!!!!
WE WON!!!!!!!!!
WE WON!!!!!!!!!!

Just got the call from our attorney-he just ran to his office to get his mail and
WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MEDICAID FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I quit

honestly, I do.
I can't take it any more!
We took Mr. D to the Er last night (us and the rest of the universe felt that 9:45pm on a Tuesday night was the preferable time to visit the Evanston Hospital ER) b/c his knee was (is) swollen. We sat. And waited. And waited. Eventually we were ushered into an opthalmology room where we waited some more. They x-rayed his knee. They CT scanned his knee. And declared it:
For that we got to spend 5 hours in the ER.
Benjie still contends it is broken and they missed it. I contend that maybe, if they had only taken the x-ray and not the CT, that could be-they have missed fractures in the past. And there is some interesting little piece sticking up by the knee. And we're afraid they think it's the old fracture but it's a new one. But with the CT? Impossible. One very expensive bruised knee. That's all.

And Dr. Feldman called: there is nothing wrong with Dovi's ankles. Come see him in August-he doesn't think this story is over yet, but there is no bone problem. He did mumble something under his breath about ligaments-but I choose to ignore whatever it was that he said. He also said that if his PT wants to get him SMO's to do so. But to basically ignore the swelling.

So I shall stick my happy little head in the sand and go along my day.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Want to see Dovi's swollen ankles?

I cannot explain why it posted so bizarrely. But here you are! And if you're nice, MAYBE I'll post the video we sent to Dr. Feldman.
Which has made him want MORE xrays in different positions.