Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I quit

honestly, I do.
I can't take it any more!
We took Mr. D to the Er last night (us and the rest of the universe felt that 9:45pm on a Tuesday night was the preferable time to visit the Evanston Hospital ER) b/c his knee was (is) swollen. We sat. And waited. And waited. Eventually we were ushered into an opthalmology room where we waited some more. They x-rayed his knee. They CT scanned his knee. And declared it:
For that we got to spend 5 hours in the ER.
Benjie still contends it is broken and they missed it. I contend that maybe, if they had only taken the x-ray and not the CT, that could be-they have missed fractures in the past. And there is some interesting little piece sticking up by the knee. And we're afraid they think it's the old fracture but it's a new one. But with the CT? Impossible. One very expensive bruised knee. That's all.

And Dr. Feldman called: there is nothing wrong with Dovi's ankles. Come see him in August-he doesn't think this story is over yet, but there is no bone problem. He did mumble something under his breath about ligaments-but I choose to ignore whatever it was that he said. He also said that if his PT wants to get him SMO's to do so. But to basically ignore the swelling.

So I shall stick my happy little head in the sand and go along my day.

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