Monday, June 30, 2008

My Rant for the Day

Today I took the kids to camp-it was their first day-HOORAY! They've been off waaaaaaay too long-three weeks!

I had my van FULL of stuff for Mr. D-formula, stroller, pedialyte, etc. I pulled up to the parking lot-PEOPLE HAD PARKED IN THE HANDICAPPED SPACES. Now lest you think maybe these were handicapped people, one had a vanity plate, and I recognized the other van. There were therefore no open handicapped spaces. One of the vans wasn't even in a handicapped space-it was in the yellow crosshatched space that is meant for unloading from a lift. So if the person who had their van parked legally in the handicapped space had a lift, they would not have been able to load/unload their child.

What on earth is wrong with some people? What makes you so special that you can do that? It is just so rude and WRONG.

I left a message for the head of camp to call me and I'm hoping she'll be willing to put a blurb about it in the camp newsletter or even send home a flier today.

I will update as events warrant :)

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Savta/Imma said...

I also find it hard to believe that people can be so rude.