Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dirty Dancing

Benjie and I are having are favorite Saturday night acitvity...watching Dirty Dancing on TV. It makes me happy. I sing along the whole time :) I cannot wait until the musical comes to Chicago (Sept 28, not that I'm keeping track) So I must discuss this for a bit.

How on earth did my mother (and I know you read this, Mommy) allow us to watch this movie about teenage pregnancy and sex at the age of 10? We were that age-I distinctly recall watching it at Erica Lang's house like EVERY day one summer. We could not have been older than 10 or 11, because it was before my Bat Mitzvah. So I must have been 10.

How was this a good choice? Innocent girl goes on vacation with her parents, and falls in with the wild crowd of staff at the resort. Gets involved in illegal abortions, is deflowered by her dance instructor-all while she could not have been more than 16.

Why were we allowed to watch it?



Savta/Imma said...

I think the answer to that question is because I did not know you were watching it. It was at Erica's house, not OURS!!!!!!! I don't think you told me. If you did, I didn't know what the movie was about and I guess I trusted Erica's mother to be sensible! Fat chance!!!!

Stephanie said...

Yes Sara, leave your mom alone. If she had known what you were watching and told you stop, you would have been mad. She's in a lose-lose situation there.
Let's keep in my mind Sassy Shana will be 12 one day! Don't make your words come back to haunt you :)

Savta/Imma said...

YAY!!!! Stephanie!!!! Thanks!!!

Sara's Mom