Monday, January 3, 2011

Because I know you all love it

here is a fun couponing post.

Yesterday, Shosh and I got in the saddle again. She had a better excuse than me-she had her cutie patootie baby. I have just been lazy recently (OMG I spent $83 at Jewel on Friday. Excuse me while I go faint and vomit simultaneously)

There are some nice deal this week (hello Chobani for $1!) at Dominicks so we got ourselves organized, clipped our coupons, and headed out together. We looked like lunatics in the aisle-we literally had our coupons spread out over some shelves getting organized before checkout.

Yes. We've seen the Extreme Couponing show on TLC. That lady with the wall of toilet paper that makes her feel joy? A whole lotta crazy. The lady in the dumpster with her son? A whole lotta irresponsible. No. I've never gone into a dumpster. I will pay the $1 for the coupons on eBay.

OK so back to our grand re-entry to the coupon universe.

I spent:

$34.63 of my own money
and $17.78 on a prepaid debit card that I got for a rebate so I'm not sure I'm counting that.

I got:

10 boxes of Natures Valley Granola Bars
12 boxes of Morningstar Farms veggie products
2 bags of pretzels
1 bottle diet Dr. Pepper
2 bottles Cascade rinse aid
18 eggs
1/2 gallon chocolate milk
1 huge bottle coffeemate (Peppermint Mocha, only the most divine flavor ever created)
2 gallons milk
1 box yogurt tubes
2 chobani yogurts
1 kids' body wash
30 boxes of fruit snacks (Gushers, fruit rolls, etc) - hey all my Dominicks friends. Go to Dominicks. Buy 5 boxes of fruit snacks for $4.95. You will get back a $3 Catalina coupon at checkout, so it will be like you paid $1.95 for 5 boxes of fruit snacks. And yes, there are printable coupons out there for said fruit snacks. But even without coupons? Awesome deal.

So that is 66 items for around $50, or $34 if you don't count my pretend money. And I still have a $3 Catalina in my wallet for a future purchase

I'm contemplating taking everything out again and taking pictures of the haul. But then again, I'm kinda lazy that way.

So I'm thinking not.

But it's good to be back!


Rebecca said...

Enjoy all your purchases!

Shosh said...

ahhhh. that was so fun.

Anonymous said...

a couponing post - i love it!! it's posts like this that make my head spin trying to understand how you figure it all out. love ya, tamar

Anonymous said...

I watched that Extreme Couponing show on TLC last night and was thinking of you! - Michelle

Diana said...

Peppermint Mocha IS the most divine flavor ever created! I was so happy to find it in HUGE bottles at Wal-Mart in November, but they are back to little bottles again