Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Team Lifeline ISRAEL!!!!!

I cannot speak.

I am so excited.

I am so terrified.

I cannot believe what I am about to tell you.

If all goes well, Benjie and I will be going to ISRAEL!

I haven't been in 11 years.

I'm one of those people who wants to lay down and kiss the earth when they arrive.

I haven't been since Dovi was 2.

How/Why are we going?

Well look at my title for this post!

Yes, Team Lifeline will be participating in the First Annual Jerusalem Marathon.


Obviously, we did not run Miami this year (it's this coming Sunday...sniff sniff). We didn't run because there was no way to train what with Dovi's Bar Mitzvah occupying every moment of our lives.

But now I am free! Free!

So I am training.

And training.

I am watching shows on Dovi's iPad as I run (Modern Family? OMG hysterical, thanks Shosh) and trying to envision the amazingness of running for Dovi. In Israel.

Excuse me while I go weep now.

So. Hey? Anyone want to sponsor me?

Click here and enter my name.

I'm going to go faint now.


Rachelli Dreyfuss said...

You are officially VERY cool!
(IYH I am running in the Miami Marathon for Team Lifeline)
And I totally would have run Israel if I had known sooner! But, what with the snow we just got hit with, Miami is looking pretty nice...
Hatzlacha training and running!!!!

galiah said...

wow! i'm glad you're getting to run-- in an even better place than miami!
if/when you do kiss the earth, please do so an extra time for kovy-- he's been talking about going to israel non-stop for a week now, not quite sure why, but he wants me to enter in a raffle for a family trip to israel...

Arica said...

Kol Hakavod! G-d willing I will see you there-I am registered to run the 10K. Don't forget to train for hills!

agent99 said...

You GO, GIRL!!!!

Rebecca said...

As you would say, be still my beating heart!
Makes me want to sign up just so I can go to Israel....

Yehudit said...

And this is how your sister-in-law needs to find out that you are coming to the far away country that she lives in when the last time 11 years ago you came to visit ME in seminary? New - I want DETAILSSSSSSS

rickismom said...

hope to meet you when you are here!