Monday, September 20, 2010

Click here to see where I've spent my day.

Curse you, Shosh for forwarding me that site! I have literally been reading it all day. Most of you know that I have a great desire to be organized. I also have 4 kids in a small 3 bedroom house (Elisha, Shana, and Jakie share 1 three foot long closet and one 6 drawer dresser. ) It's tight. Very tight.

Over the past few days, before Shosh made me waste my day I even found this site, I became inspired to pare down. Maybe it was the great clothing switcheroo. The great turnover inspires fear in even the hardiest mother. So, today I dropped off 8 (yes, 8) bags of boys' clothing today, and I'm just getting started.

After I read that blog (and seriously wanted to cry. How is that woman so organized? Seriously!) I was inspired. I cleaned out the entertainment center shelves, and tossed all the DVD cases. I put them all in some CD flip book thingies and tucked them into some wicker baskets, along with all the Wii paraphernalia. Tomorrow brings the great organization of my desk area shelving and the closest that holds all my silver and crystal stuff.

I do think that being organized is, to some degree, inborn. Some people have it, some do not. Some do not have it and do not care, other do not have it and have a great desire to have it (what are we having again? Oh yeah, the organizing trait. Maybe it's a gene. I bet in about 5 years, they will have found the gene for organization and will be offering genetic therapy to help you become a better homemaker. Ha)

I, unfortunately, fall into the last category:

Those who do not possess the organized trait but have a great burning desire to be organized.

My mom? Crazy organized. I honestly do not remember my house ever, and I mean EVER, being messy when I was a kid. And we were four kids. And she worked full time. How did that happen? Simple. She possesses the trait. That I do not.

So I am inspired. I am going to clean it out and clean it up.

Wish me luck!


All My Monkeys said...

My lacking trait is motivation. I too have the burning desire to BE organized, the ability to DO organization (or at least I have decieved myself into thinking so), I just lack the motivation or discipline to get there and STAY there. I hate that. And my hubby? Yeah, he was one that had one of those OCD moms who NEVER had a messy house, to a compulsive level. Like a mop? WhOA! Never. Hand wash only. It's so very hard to live up to that standard. But I console myself with the fact that hers is, in fact, very probably, OCD. And I, happily, am just normal healthy and messy. :D

All My Monkeys said...

Ohmigosh. I sooo should not have clicked on that link. Yum!

Shosh said...

i have the disease. I wish to be organized. i drool at that website. yet i JUST CANNOT MANAGE TO DO IT! and then i tell myself, "it doesnt matter if my house is organized as long as my children are happy"
and then i realize im just doing that to make myself feel better that I AM A SLOB! i wish i never found that blog. its destroying my self esteem!!!!!

Stephanie said...

You are not serious when you say you're not organized. You are an organizational rock star (with a redecorating addiction.) I have two words for you: Passover Spreadsheet.
There are many ways to be organized.

agent99 said...

thanks for the link.....just when I gave up the crack habit.

Rebecca said...

My dear, you are MILES ahead of so many people. I second Stephanie about the spreadsheet (and other things as well.)

chaviva said...

I'm with everyone else about the spreadsheet, but even if you want to fight that, you definitely have the couponing gene to which I aspire. There's no arguing on that one.

Lisa said...

Thanks, now I just spent waaay too much time on her site!! I was blown away and got goosebumps while looking at all the pics!! I am inspired as well - I come!!

Mara said...

Uh oh. I just saw the next 4 hours fly in front of my eyes when I opened that link. I, too, long to be organized. I maintain -- though DH vehemently disagrees -- that if we just got rid of 50% of our stuff, our lives would be much neater and tidier.