Monday, September 13, 2010

Fine, Fine. I'll explain.

But let me tell you, this was one of the most complicated deals I've ever done (but sooooo worth it). It had about 18 steps!

About 3 weeks ago, Aquapods were on sale at Jewel for $1. The sale ended September 5th.

During the sale, I became aware of an upcoming Catalina deal on Aquapods, buy 3 or more, get $3, beginning September 6th. Yes. The day after the sale. Which irked me.

Additionally, the week of the sale, there were $1.50/2 Aquapods coupons in the paper. did this all work together to get me Money Making Water????

I ordered 20 of the $1.50/2 coupons off of eBay. (and had about 4 of them from my own papers)

The stores ran out of Aquapods. I requested rainchecks. Over the course of the week, I collected rainchecks for about 50 8-packs.

Then, I placed my special order for 48 8-packs of Aquapods. They told me it would be in....September 6th or 7th. Awesome. After the Catalina started (don't think I didn't plan it that way....)

So I went in on the 6th at night to pick up my cartful of water and get my Catalinas.

But don't forget, the Catalina was buy 3 or more, get $3. And I was buying...44 (Shosh took 4 of my order)?

So. How to do it?

I did 11 transactions of 4 each! The checker was soooooo nice. I grabbed a case of 8 off of my cartful. She closed her lane. She took my rainchecks, and rang 4 at a time, price modified them to $1 each, I then gave her my $3 Catalina from the transaction before, paid $1.09 and got back another $3 Catalina.

It only took about 20 minutes to check out.

I paid $11.99 and got back $33 in Catalinas.

So now you know. That is how I got all my Money Making Water. Enjoy? Or did your eyes glaze over?


chaviva said...


Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

You must have had the nicest cashier on the planet! Ours would rarely go through all that to give me money back!!

Aviva Lopin said...

You are the queen!Aviva L

elisha said...

thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

and this is why i can't coupon. i have almost no understanding of how you did this even after you have explained the whole thing. you lost me at ebay.
you are awesome!

Rayli said...

my brain hurts.

Lisa said...

speechless...the deal is over right??

Brie said...

you lost me at "complicated deals"

Yaffa/Yitz said...

i'm with brie...though i am in complete awe. gmar chatima tova!

Yaffa/Yitz said...
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JOY said...

wow, wow wow. u rock.