Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome to our new basement!!

Sorry I've been MIA...we've been setting up the basement and enjoying the bea-yoo-tee-ful weather (pool yesterday, pool this afternoon!)

Dovi seriously loves the pool. He was splashing and having the best time!

Now, come downstairs. Enjoy our basement!

These pictures of my kids on the wall are courtesy of the AWESOME Amy of Three Peas stairs seriously make me feel like I'm at Pottery Barn

As you go downstairs, you see the playroom. The floor is already scuffed from hockey.

These doors are to the toy closet

We are still waiting for the doors to my grocery store :) It's three feet deep and a sight to behold.

Shana's art desk. I repainted and antiqued the chair and the desk. I love love love it.
The laundry room door. Is the sign not precious?

The laundry room. I tiled the floor myself!

The room that will become the bathroom. Right now it's storage.

The guest room. Still accessorizing. Need to finish ASAP...Raphi's coming!! Raphi, I know that you need all the pretty pillows and stuff. I'll get right on that.
How cute are the plates? Still more to hang. Don't worry, Raphi. I'll finish.

And Elisha on our new couch/futon in the basement. Because he's cute.


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! we (esti, shaindy and i are looking at the pics together)love it!!! we're so happy for you that you have it done. we can't wait until we see it (and all of you) in person!
love, tamar

Anonymous said...

It looks absolutely fabulous!! You've done a magnificent job!!! Enjoy!! Enjoy!! Enjoy!! Enjoy!!
Love, Mommy
P.S. Can't wait to use the new guest room!!!!!

Shosh said...

it looks awesome. although that picture of your grocery store does it no justice. it does not even begin to express the true amount of tomato sauce you have.

Debbie said...


It looks AMAZING, especially considering what the "before" pictures looked like!

Use it well! Enjoy!

Rebecca said...

It's amazing! Enjoy and use it in good health. When did you do all the tiling/ desk finishing?

chaviva said...

looks beautiful. enjoy.

Rocheyl said...

I'm so wowed.. awesome job!

Lisa said...

Love, Love, Love it!!!! Come on over and help me with my beyond disgusting bathroom!!

Miriam said...


Amy said...

Sara!!! It looks AMAZING!!! So excited for you :)

Stephanie said...

Faboo! It has "Sara" written all over it.

I LOLed at the Hockey thing though!

Gila said...

Amazing basement pictures, truly a work of art - especially the desk and chair!

Looking for any side work? ;)

Cindy said...

Well, we're so happy for you that you have it done. we can't wait until we see it (and all of you) in person! thanx for the post.

Carry said...

I just say that You've done a magnificent job!!! Enjoy!! Enjoy!! Enjoy!! Enjoy!!, keep it up.