Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thank You

I have to say thank you.

I am overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the offers of help that we have received.

If I took a meal from each person who offered, we wouldn't have to cook for at least 2 months. For that I thank you.

If I let every person who offered to take my kids have a turn, I could vacation in Aruba for a few weeks without incurring any childcare costs. For that I thank you.

For the calls, the emails, the texts. The outpouring of love and caring. For that I thank you.

Just knowing that so many people care and want to help fills my heart when it is breaking for Dovi. For that I thank you.

I know I keep telling everyone that offers something that we are fine. Just know that I appreciate more than you can imagine each and every one of those offers. You get s'char (reward) for that.

Thank G-d, we're hanging in there and getting it all done. Benjie's home with the kids who were thrilled to have him home. I'm here with a Dovi who had an awesome day off of BiPap and is now sleeping on the BiPap (as he always does, albeit on much higher settings and much higher oxygen). The paint has been chosen, lights purchased, and carpet picked. The carpet guys are coming to measure tomorrow.

We're getting there. Mostly because of all of you.


Ahuva said...

Hang in there, Sara!
I am in awe of you and Benjie (as always).
Thinking of you and sending lots of tefilos and love your way.

galiah said...

so glad to hear that things are looking up... may you and dovi go home to your wonderful friends very very soon iy"H! and to your beautiful basement!

Anonymous said...

i wish we lived close to you and could offer the way everyone else offers! we miss you and hate being so far away during times like this. it's helpful to know what great friends you have to watch out for you.
love, tamar, aaron and the girls

Debbie said...

yay for the day off bi-pap!!!
yay for the decorating!!
yay for two months of no cooking and a trip to aruba!!! (you should really do it!)

my girls and i will be thinking especially of you and dovi as we light shabbat candles tonight...spreading a little bit of peace and calm your way...


agent99 said...

It looked as if D-man was turning a corner when I was there - so glad he is doing better. You all amaze me!
Hope you're home SOON!

Peta, et al

PS I have surrendered to Palomar. You now have a serious project to assist with!