Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I win the flake of the year award.

Today I went to Dominicks to get paid $12 to remove buy a few bottles of this.

I got home and was unpacking my loot, and I noticed something odd about one of the bottles. I looked at it. I shook it.

Instead of liquid, the inside seemed to be filled with gravel.


Odd, I thought.

So I called the 800 number on the back of the bottle and told them that the product that I had purchased did not seem to be shower cleaner. Instead, it seemed to be gravel.

The lady started laughing.

It seems, that instead of a bottle of shower cleaner, I purchased the demo bottle of shower cleaner. Y'know, the one they put out in front of a product to show you what it is?

Except that at Dominicks, there was a big ole basket of shower cleaners, including this one, and I grabbed a few and paid.

So really, it's not my fault-they put it in by mistake.

But seriously. Who does stuff like this? Only me.

She told me that I should just take it back to Dominicks and exchange it.

And she's mailing me a coupon fora free bottle for my troubles.

So sometimes being flaky pays off!


Anonymous said...

awesome! and a free coupon. nothing beats that ending for you. tamar

Rayli said...

is that why i saw shosh there the other day?

Estie said...

Only you could get ANOTHER free bottle! Can't wait for tomorrow-my baking pantry awaits...