Monday, April 19, 2010

I suppose I should tell you all.


I did not get into the nursing program for next year.


Don't freak out everyone.

I have much to explain.

First of all, I truly, in my heart of hearts, believe that this was Ratzon HaShem, or G-d's Will, for reasons that I'll explain later.

Secondly, once my bruised little ego recovered, I realized that (besides for it being Ratzon HaShem), it really had nothing to do with me, as a person, as a student, that I didn't get in. It was purely a numbers game.

The program that I applied for has a very simple points based ranking process for determining acceptance. There are 4 classes that you must take in order to apply for the program, and 3 classes that are not required to apply, but if you have taken them, you get many, many additional points for the ranking. Those classes can be taken either before or after you enter the program, but in order to entice you to take them before you enter, you get lots of points if you take them.

There is no essay, no interview, no letter of recommendation. Points, and points only.

I didn't take any of those 3 classes. Yes, I am currently taking two of them. But the application was due in February and you don't get credit for classes that are not completed.

So I had 66 points. If I had gotten credit for those 2 classes that I am currently taking, I'd have 98 points. That's a big difference, huh?

Well of the over 400 people that applied for the 192 spots in the program, over 192 people had taken said extra classes.

So despite the fact that I'm a good student, and have lots of experience, and a really compelling story, none of that mattered. The fact was that I have 66 points. And 192 people had more than that.

So. Why is this all Ratzon HaShem, you ask?

Let me list the two reasons that I've come up with.

1. You all know that Dovi's Bar Mitzvah is in November. Although I didn't tell anyone, I was extremely nervous about beginning my first semester of nursing school and rotations in the hospital while planning Dovi's Bar Mitzvah, which promises to be both (a) hectic and crazy and (b) incredibly emotional and draining.

2. I'm going to look at other programs. Loyola has a 16 month program as well, which would give me a Bachelors of Nursing instead of an Associates. Frankly, I'm not so sure what benefit I'd get with a Bachelors vs. an Associates, but I'm going to the information session at the end of this month to see. What I do have going for me is that I am a Loyola Alumnus. The annoying part is that I'd have to take two extra classes to get in-one is easier (Developmental Psychology), and one is not (Organic Chemistry).

So what am I going to do?

I'm going to take Anatomy/Physiology 2 this fall. Maybe Organic Chemistry as well. Will look into Developmental Psychology for the summer (I think I found an online course through City Colleges). I'm going to look into more programs. I'm going to reapply for the program for the following year. I'm going to chill out and enjoy planning Dovi's Bar Mitzvah, and will try to come up with a way to avoid crying every time I say the words "Dovi's Bar Mitzvah".

Don't tell me you're so sorry. Because I'm not. Well, my ego was a tad bruised at first. But I'm past that. Everything happens for a reason. I've said before that G-d has plans that we often don't know or understand. This is another example.

It's all good.


WriterGrrl said...

You know what? Everything does happen for a reason. And I guess that you and I know that perhaps more than other people, even if we don't always like, let alone understand, the reason. And you know what else? You're awesome.

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know how very, very proud of you I am. We should all be able to look at life the way you do. I love you...Mommy

Orah said...

Everything is meant to be and you'll get the right program for you at the right time. A bachelors vs associates will make you more money right up front - most Hospitals incentive for Bachelors is that they pay more to those who received bachelors. And I am a bit partial to Loyola :)

chaviva said...

Sara, as always, you are an inspiration.

Miriam said...

You are 100% right- everything that Hashem does is for a reasson!

Miriam said...

You are 100% right- everything that Hashem does is for a reasson!

debbie said...

gam zu l'tovah.
your reasoning is very sound.
you WILL get that nursing degree!
and, might as well just keep the tissues at hand from now 'till november...because i'm getting teary just thinking about the bar mitzvah!

Shira said...

You'd be better off with a bachelors, like Orah said. They usually offer you more money. That said, if Loyola doesn't work out and you do end up getting an Associate's, that's good too. Also, I took a really really amazing Organic Chemistry teacher at Wright College. I wouldn't say the class was easy, but the professor made it really clear that she wanted people to do well. She wrote me my recommendation for nursing school. Her name is Maria Valentino. If she's teaching it this summer, TAKE IT! Good luck. You have an amazing attitude.

Rebecca said...

Well, if you take organic chemistry next fall, we can help each other! :)
Or we could just have group tutoring with Raphi...

Raphi said...

Yeah yeah, lemme know if you need help with organic chemistry!

Rach said...

Their loss Sara.

But way to go for looking at it like "gam zu latovah"

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

You have an amazing attitude! I would be totally bummed out and depressed but you are looking on the "bright side". Good for you!

Chani said...

Sara your amazing!!!!You continue to amaze me!!May Hashem continue to give you much Hatzlocha, Brocha & Nachas (from ur husband & adorable kids KA"H) in everything you do!!!
& as a side note: I have Dovi's Bar Mitzvah marked on my calendar already!Can't believe it & looking forward (doesn't explain my emotions enough, but you get the idea)!!

Adena said...

Let the planning begin. I just started working on a few things for Ezra's Bar Mitzvah and yes it is hard not to get emotional about it. I am glad that you will have time to focus on Dovi's Bar Mitzvah and enjoy it!

I am sure you will find the right nursing program that will work for you.

Anonymous said...

i also took an awesome org chem at wright called survey of bio and org chem most places will take that - it was an amazing class with a great teacher - if u want any info about nursing programs im happy to help elisheva neuberger