Monday, September 20, 2010

Click here to see where I've spent my day.

Curse you, Shosh for forwarding me that site! I have literally been reading it all day. Most of you know that I have a great desire to be organized. I also have 4 kids in a small 3 bedroom house (Elisha, Shana, and Jakie share 1 three foot long closet and one 6 drawer dresser. ) It's tight. Very tight.

Over the past few days, before Shosh made me waste my day I even found this site, I became inspired to pare down. Maybe it was the great clothing switcheroo. The great turnover inspires fear in even the hardiest mother. So, today I dropped off 8 (yes, 8) bags of boys' clothing today, and I'm just getting started.

After I read that blog (and seriously wanted to cry. How is that woman so organized? Seriously!) I was inspired. I cleaned out the entertainment center shelves, and tossed all the DVD cases. I put them all in some CD flip book thingies and tucked them into some wicker baskets, along with all the Wii paraphernalia. Tomorrow brings the great organization of my desk area shelving and the closest that holds all my silver and crystal stuff.

I do think that being organized is, to some degree, inborn. Some people have it, some do not. Some do not have it and do not care, other do not have it and have a great desire to have it (what are we having again? Oh yeah, the organizing trait. Maybe it's a gene. I bet in about 5 years, they will have found the gene for organization and will be offering genetic therapy to help you become a better homemaker. Ha)

I, unfortunately, fall into the last category:

Those who do not possess the organized trait but have a great burning desire to be organized.

My mom? Crazy organized. I honestly do not remember my house ever, and I mean EVER, being messy when I was a kid. And we were four kids. And she worked full time. How did that happen? Simple. She possesses the trait. That I do not.

So I am inspired. I am going to clean it out and clean it up.

Wish me luck!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fine, Fine. I'll explain.

But let me tell you, this was one of the most complicated deals I've ever done (but sooooo worth it). It had about 18 steps!

About 3 weeks ago, Aquapods were on sale at Jewel for $1. The sale ended September 5th.

During the sale, I became aware of an upcoming Catalina deal on Aquapods, buy 3 or more, get $3, beginning September 6th. Yes. The day after the sale. Which irked me.

Additionally, the week of the sale, there were $1.50/2 Aquapods coupons in the paper. did this all work together to get me Money Making Water????

I ordered 20 of the $1.50/2 coupons off of eBay. (and had about 4 of them from my own papers)

The stores ran out of Aquapods. I requested rainchecks. Over the course of the week, I collected rainchecks for about 50 8-packs.

Then, I placed my special order for 48 8-packs of Aquapods. They told me it would be in....September 6th or 7th. Awesome. After the Catalina started (don't think I didn't plan it that way....)

So I went in on the 6th at night to pick up my cartful of water and get my Catalinas.

But don't forget, the Catalina was buy 3 or more, get $3. And I was buying...44 (Shosh took 4 of my order)?

So. How to do it?

I did 11 transactions of 4 each! The checker was soooooo nice. I grabbed a case of 8 off of my cartful. She closed her lane. She took my rainchecks, and rang 4 at a time, price modified them to $1 each, I then gave her my $3 Catalina from the transaction before, paid $1.09 and got back another $3 Catalina.

It only took about 20 minutes to check out.

I paid $11.99 and got back $33 in Catalinas.

So now you know. That is how I got all my Money Making Water. Enjoy? Or did your eyes glaze over?

Water, Anyone?

I figure I'll give you guys a couponing post.

Happiness is Jewel paying you $22 to remove 44 cases of bottled water from the store.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Explanation about the Tefillin

When a Jewish boy turns 13, he begins wearing Tefillin.

Hmmm....not sure what more I can say that the article didn't

Monday, September 6, 2010


I'm not sure what else to say other than to put up these pictures.