Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Giggle for the Day

Yes, it is less than 36 hours before Dovi's Bar Mitzvah. Yes, I have much to do (well, not really that much)

But I must tell you this story.

So as many of you know, berets are very in the the frum fashion world. I have fallen head over heels for this new trend-I can buy berets anywhere, and heck! they are like trendy snoods. I'm in.

I've been buying most of my snoods at my favorite accessory store, Forever 21. And while much of the clothing there looks like it's made for size 0 streetwalkers, the accessories are fabulous. No offense to the people who shop at Forever 21. I'm sure there is clothing there that is very appropriate. It just takes a bit of effort to find said clothing. But I love, and I mean LOVE, the accessories. Headbands for Shana (her headband for the big day is from there), and berets and costume jewelery for me. Love.

So today I was wearing a beret from there. The elastic is a tad stretched out, so I pin it in the back to make it fit me I'm sure many of you know where this is going....

I went to Walgreens. I bought coffee creamer (on sale with coupons, of course). I went out to my car. As I was opening my car and chatting on the phone, I happened to look at myself in the reflection of my van window. At which point I realized that


Yes, my hair was feeling the sun on it for the first time in almost 14 years.

I screamed (well not really), hung up the phone, and put on my hood. I then took off my sunglasses because I looked like I was about to rob the Walgreens, calmly went back in,

and found my beret lying in a little heap in front of the coffee creamer.

And no, I did not change my beret. I'm still wearing it now at midnight.

With my contact lenses.

Did I tell y'all I got lenses? I haven't worn them in 8 years but was ready for a change. I'm telling you, Bar Mitzvahing your son is a life changing endeavor.


rickismom said...

LOL! How embarressing! An advance Mazel Tov on the Bra Mitzvah!

agent99 said...

You crack me up! Even better than the time I went to dinner wearing 2 different shoes.....


Stephanie said...

I am ridiculously excited for Dovi's bar mitzvah. I hope there will be a way for me to see lots of pictures and hear all about it!

Ahuva said...

Hmmm...considering that when I got home today, I realized that I had gone on 2 hours worth of errands with my skirt on INSIDE OUT, I shouldn't be laughing -but this is kind of funny!
Mazal tov, mazal tov, my dear Sara. Thinking about you this weekend and hope that it is everything you have always dreamed it to be :)

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