Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So Let's Begin!

As the summer began, I dubbed it "The Summer of Sara". I'm not in school right now and the kids were in camp. Hence, it was MY summer. Mine to do whatever I wanted. I'm sad to report that I really did very little. I managed to waste enjoy my days by frankly doing not a lot of anything.

I spent the first week or so putting my house back together after the fiasco that was Dovi's 3 week hospital stay. Then, it was time to deal with my stress from that time.

And what do I do when I'm stressed? Why I decorate, m'dears!

So. I surveyed my house, and honed in on a few places that I was irritated.

1) Nowhere for the kids' shoes to go (well, I had some baskets in the front hall, but they were always visible. And Visible = Mess)

2) Ugly Kitchen Chairs. Well not so much ugly as not my style anymore. Light wood. Eew.

3) Ugly Living Room Side Table. Now I can't really complain about said table because I picked it up in an alley eew don't tell my germy mom it didn't owe me anything. But it was nondescript. Uninteresting middle toned wood. A place to put accessories instead of something beautiful to look at.


I got moving. Nothing a whole lot of spray paint can't fix, right?

Problem 1: Front hall shoe storage.

Solution: Old Shelving unit that was in the basement that had a broken shelf and was destined for the garbage.

How did I do it? Remove broken shelf, spray paint black (only about 400 coats of paint!), and hang a little curtain rod to cover up the mess.


Isn't it pretty? Oh and those who know my house well will also notice that my front hall is no longer red. More about that later.

Problem 2: Ugly Kitchen Chairs

Solution: Why paint, of course!

How did I do it? Hmmm maybe a bit more black spray paint? And some fabric...
They are faint-worthy. And are making me want to paint my kitchen table...

And on to the last.

Problem 3: Ugly accent table.

Solution: Beautiful in Blue. I don't even like blue, and I swoon when I look at this. Yes. I swoon. It is divine.

How did I do it? Blue spray paint, then sanded the edges, then a bit of dark wood stain.

I figure that all of these transformations cost me total about $50. Spray paint is divine. And the good news is that the blue paint on my front lawn is just about gone.

And now I need to go make dinner. Because it's 4:41 and I have not made a blessed thing.

It's good to be back.


Lisa said...

You ROCK baby!! LOVE the decorating!! I've recovered a bench and painted it and I loved doing it!!
Btw, I hear you are holding a coupon class at the WIFI - I can't wait!!

debbie said...

you're back!!!
thanks for sharing a little bit of the summer of sarah. i can't wait to see/hear about the rest!

as for me? my summer has been just like yours, decorating, no birthday party for triplets, no painting, no fun with dovi, and no trips to philly and ncy (we did get to cleveland, though!). apparently, all i did was carpool, read a lot, and avoid everything else!

so glad to see you back!

galiah said...

i love your projects! esp the curtain thing for the shoes/bins. hey, do they make that in jumbo size to cover up the pile in my basement??

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I love the shoe shelves!!! Such a neat idea. And so stylish too!
Your "new" chairs look terrific!! So does the table. I think might need to hire you as an interior decorator to "re-do" some of our Great Job!!!

Miriam said...

I totally noticed the little blue end table when I was over yesterday- it is really nice! The shoe thing is awsome! And the chairs - super classy!

Aviva said...

I got to see the shoe shelf in real life and I LOVE it!! Soo busy talking w/ u forgot to COMPLIMENT YOU!! Keep entertaining us please "we want more..." (I'm w/ my sis on the vote ;) Aviva L.

Shira said...

I like how during your summer of doing a whole lot of nothing, you managed to accomplish more home decor projects than I have...ever. You're awesome.

Arica said...

Next time you are stressed can you hop on a plane and come over here? The amount of work my house requires would keep you nice and relaxed for a VERY long time! It all looks wonderful! Hope your trip to get Dovi went well and you are all home safe and sound.

Mara ~ Kosher on a Budget said...

Love that blue table! I've got a garage full of free finds that I need to spray paint. Oh, to find the time!