Thursday, August 26, 2010

7th Times the Charm!

This summer was Dovi's SEVENTH year at Camp Simcha Special. It floors me that he's been going there for so long.

This year was a change from the past two years in that Dovi's beloved Raphi was not his counselor. Raphi had some school that he needed to take care of, so we had a new counselor!

Wednesday, July 28th, Dovi and I hopped a plane to New York.

bright and early...think he looks a little sleepy?

And no....we do NOT travel light!

We met my sister at LaGuardia, and the three of us headed off for the drive up to camp. Luckily it all went smoothly, unlike the time I got a $250 speeding ticket!

When we got to camp, this really nice guy came and met us at the car. He was helping us get Dovi's luggage out. I then told him that I needed to go find Dovi's new counselor Yakov. At which point he told us HE was Dovi's new counselor Yakov! I still think it was kinda funny.

Yakov and I spent a good three hours going over Dovi's stuff-and we when we were done he had that scared "deer in a headlights" look. I'm pleased to say that Yakov came through with shining colors.

Dovi has shared a cabin with the same few boys for the past few years...we always take pictures of the kids, but this year, the parents decided to take our own picture!

(yes, the sign behind us DOES say "FD Drools")

Dovi reunited with his buddies

showed off his cabin

smiled winningly for pictures

And got to know Yakov.

My sister and I then decided to stroll around camp-she'd never been there before and wanted to see everything. We went to one of the buildings and found this on the wall:

Look how little Dovi was!

If I get any pictures emailed to me (ahem!), I'll be happy to post about Dovi's 12 days at camp, which were filled with helicopter rides, concerts, workshops, and lots of pushing counselors in the pool

Good to know that Dovi is consistent.


Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

It looks like such a fun place! I hope we get to see more pictures of all the fun times he had.
First days of school coming soon? We are in the process of making sure we have everything on the lists the girls all need. Especially the college student!!

Rebecca said...

Yay Camp Simcha Special! It's gorgeous (and certainly makes an unnamed camp in the Poconos look pretty shlocky....)

mordechai said...

Mrs. Porush, about the pictures from camp....Dovi either received them the day he went home, I believe Yaakov picked the cd up from the photography office. Or they were mailed and you should be receiving them shortly.
Mordechai Hanover

debbie said...

Dear Counselor Yakov,
Thank you for making sure Dovi had such a wonderful time at Camp Simcha Special.
Please send picures!
All of Dovi's virtual friends

Arica said...

I love the FD drools sign :) Also, the picture of you and Dovi is gorgeous! Glad he enjoyed!