Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things that make me happy

My bloggy friend Ms. Writer Girl tagged me in this fun meme.

I generally am too darned lazy don't participate in them, but I think this is good.

10 things that make me happy, in no particular order:

1) The enormous stack of 2x4s in my basement

2) My Dunkin Donuts Gift Cards that I got for my birthday (from those
who know that I am too cheap to buy myself iced coffee)

3) When the laundry is done and folded

4) A quiet, clean house and a good book

5) When Dovi is healthy

6) When my kids listen to me. The first time. Happily.

7) Couponing

8) Crafting

9) Running (or should I say finishing running)

10) When Benjie comes home after a long day

C'mon everyone...comment, even thing that makes you happy. I know I have lots of readers. I have a site tracker. Wouldn't it be fun to get like 75 or 100 happy thoughts? C'mon...comment away!


All My Monkeys said...

Cereal in the morning (vs eggs or oatmeal), Newborns, the smell of lilacs, a car that doesn't have problems, a good conversation

porushmom said...

All my children and grandchildren together at one time.
Hugging a grandchild.
Dovi's smile.
Naftali's smile.
Holding a cuddly sleeping baby.

agent99 said...

1. When the kids inadvertently admit they liked somethine I did: "Remember "X", can we do that again?"
2. Pug bellies.
3. When Honey brings over diet Coke without being asked.

Anonymous said...

Newborns, the smell after it rains, a bright, clear beautiful day.

Gretchen said...

Not having to wake up to an alarm clock, and snuggles in bed from the kids in the morning.
Hot bath, glass of wine and peace & quiet.
A reunion with Sara present :)

Molly said...

my bedddddd! seriously. so comfortable. and naps. naps make me happy

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

Hot, freshly popped popcorn and an ice cold Mountain Dew. Snuggling with my girls. Teenagers who actually that ever happens. Talking to my husband on Skype while he is in Afghanistan. When I save more than I spent at the grocery store (anything more than 50% is a good day!).

Anonymous said...

Hearing my kids playing together peacefully, chocolate cake, birds chirping, rain, smiles and daisies

Debbie said...

-thunderstorms (when i'm inside)
-newly fallen snow
-the beach
-having lots and lots of books that i want to read and having to choose among them
-fresh, clean sheets (bonus if they are warm!), also, sleeping under a down comforter with the window cracked open in the winter
-my house when it's really clean (especially if i didn't have to do it)
-giving brachot on friday nights, and also that time after shabbos dinnner when everyone is sprawled on the sofa and floors reading (until the lights go out). i will really miss this feeling of completeness when eldest daughter goes to israel next year...
-finding that my favorite bloggers have new posts up!

Anonymous said...

-a lot of good chocolate while i curl up on the couch with a good book;
-staying in pajamas all morning on vacation;
-spending time with my family;
-a long phone conversation with a friend;
-playing guitar;
-when my kids go to sleep hassle-free in a timely fashion;

Ahuva said...

OK, I'll play, too:

this blog, roller coasters, the ocean, Peanuts cartoons, baseball season, freshly bathed children, potato kugel straight from the oven.

Miriam said...

Babies (escpecially when they smile and giggle and cuddle!), hot chocolate- or any chocolate for that matter, a good book and quiet time to curl up under a blanket on the couch in pjs to read it, an unexpected day off to spend as a family, soft serve ice cream =), kids saying adorable things

Anonymous said...

When my 4 year old says "I want to put my face where I like it" and buries his face in my neck and cuddles for a few seconds, stealing a bowl of "shabbos cereal" from my kids while reading a book under my snuggie on shabbos morning.

chaviva said...

Funny - you are predictable. i guessed half your list before reading it.
Since I am too tired to think, the first thing that comes to my mind that makes me happy is SLEEP!

Rocheyl said...

When my husband gives the baby her am bottle so I can have 10 more minutes of sleep.

Anonymous said...

Lots of comments on the blog thingy.

David Brand

Anonymous said...

camp simcha special and kids of courage