Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So I realized

That in my new facebook obsession, I have compltely neglected my little fledgling blog. Sad, but true. I'll be better.
So.....we have a Dovi letter from Dr. A. It has the list of goodies:

Oxygen at night-yeeha! Lordy this should be fun. Good news with that is that it shold help us keep our Medicaid Waiver from the State of Illinois, aka the Cheap Rude Obnoxious Program Cutting State In Which We Reside. But the more equipment needed the better!

Sleep Study-oops we were supposed to do that last year. Better get on that.

Refer to Dr. Feldman for bone health plans, aka Operation Dovi Don't Break Any More Bones
So we're waiting for Dr F to talk with Dr A and Dr P (our newest doctor-a bone mineralization specialist-never knew they exist!) and Monica, Dr. P's nurse *should* be calling me tomorrow with THE PLAN...will update then.

Still waiting to hear from the lovely Dr F re if the bone is healed or not and if he can get walking again-b/c as Dovi himself says, "I miss walking" and Benjie fell carrying Dovi this morning on the way to the bus due to the ridiculous amount of ice in our freaking city. Global warming? I think not. Global arctic chilling is more like it. But I digress. We'll hopefully know ASAP about the leg.

Hmmm what else is new in Dovi-land? Well he sang in the Keshet Integrated Choir on Sunday night at the Keshet Dinner. He did a lovely job and is now insisting on sleeping in his choir t-shirt :) After the performance I kind of lost him for a while as two choir "buddies" (typically developing) from Schechter disappeared with him to find Robbie Gould, the Chicago Bears' place kicker (what's that?) who was there for a celebrity appearance. We were told taht one boy was pushing him while the other was walking in front going, "beep beep beep" :) But we found him, alive and well, hugging Robbie Gould. Gotta love it :)

Will update more as events warrent :)

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Anonymous said...

oh not good about Benjie I also just checked this tiday I have not been checking my blogs!