Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Year in a Post

Hey everyone!!

So....let's do a year in a post, shall we?

Since I posted no specific order...

Dovi went to Camp Simcha Special with a new counselor (hi Dovid!)
Dovi went on Kids of Courage (hi Mickey, we missed you Raphi!)
Dovi started 8th grade (such a big boy...sniff sniff sniff)
Dovi had an impaction of food in his esophagus which resulted in a three day stay in the Children's Hospital PICU (that was fun, nothing like watching your son who is not supposed to be able to throw up, puke up french toast. Sorry, a little overshare here)
Dovi had fun at his friend Ben's Bar Mitzvah (another Camp/KOC friend)
Dovi's counselor Raphi got engaged (hi Adina, sorry we were so insane when we met you the first time, the kids can't wait for the big bash!)
Dovi's counselor Joe got engaged (Hi Rina, so lovely to meet you, sorry I will miss the wedding but Dovi and Benjie can't wait for their "man's weekend" as Dovi is calling it)
Dovi got even more cute. It's truly ridiculous how adorable he is. I will attach new videos of him. Some of his new lines include "BUSTED" and "What's upppppppp"

and in the non-Dovi related world...

I just finished my first semester of nursing school (who got an A? Mmhmmm)
My house has imploded due to said nursing school
No crafts have been made
Much laundry has been ignored
Much organization needs to be done
Many children need to be re-whipped (not literally of course) into shape
Benjie's car got hit twice, including this past week in the parking lot of work, when a woman hit the gas instead of the brake and hit not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, but 6 parked cars, including Benjie's innocent little truck
Elisha, Shana, and Jakie started fourth grade. I give up. They are too old. I want to cry.
I went over a month this summer not seeing King Dovi :) while he was at Camp Simcha and KOC. It was insanely long. Too long. Cannot ever happen again.
My cell phone got stolen out of the library by a smelly enormous smoking harley riding biker dude. Benjie paid him $1 (yes, $1) to get it back.
Shana learned how to bake. I never will again. We had chocolate peanut butter cup amazingness this Shabbos that all I had to do for was turn on the stove. Divine.

My, I just reread this. Quite a stream of consciousness.

So....I have 5 weeks off before semester two. I will try to say hi to y'all more often then, hey, once every 10 months. Let me know which of the above events need further clarification.

Missed you guys!


Kelly said...

Glad to hear that everyone is doing well. Take care.

Shosh said...

its fun reliving your year over again on the internet!

Gila said...

impressive recap!

npl said...

Welcome back! Great to hear the recap.Sounds like a busy year all round. Do you think Dovi has something to do with two counsellors getting engaged?
Looking forward to more news soon!

Brie said...


agent99 said...

Oddly, that needed NO clarification.......