Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dovi's New Wheels!

Well, it hasn't arrived yet.

But in about weeks, Dovi should be the proud owner of this!

It's a Quickie 2 wheelchair...

I'm so excited! I must say it's a little sad what excites us special needs mommas.

Dovi currently has a Maclaren Major

and a Convaid Safari

Neither one is really meeting our needs-the Convaid is 6 years old and doesn't fit him so well (and frankly a royal PITB to fold) and the Macalaren is too small and...ahem....a little squeaky. You can hear Dovi coming from a block away in the Maclaren.


Our great hope is that he will be able to wheel himself in this snazzy new chair. He chose copper color.



Rebecca said...

Dovi'll be rolling in style...

galiah said...

awesome!! tischadeish!!!

jane s said...

Great! And he looks so grown up in his picture.

Anonymous said...

i have the quicke 2 in purple, let me tell you it is a sweet ride, i have had it for almost 6 years and it has help up really nicely. it is so easy to wheel and i push it myself all the time. plus the wheels come off so easily and it fits it our trunk with lots of room to spare

some suggestions you might want to make sure the handels are high enough for you guys to be able to push it, mine is on the shorter side so its a little hard for my mom to push it. also make sure you have the rubber added to the wheelchair rims(the part where the person pushes the chair himself, nut sure the exact name)
also the under the bottom of the seat bag/basket is great. also contact the company you are getting it from, most times quicke will through in their knapsack made for the chair. it fits really nicely on the chair and holds lots of stuff hope it helps.

plus it makes getting around camp simcha special much easier, does really well on the hills and uneven paths. his counsler will love it.

enjoy the ride.


Anonymous said...

ack, it's been two months!!!

much updating needed; jerusalem marathon included!!

please post soon (surely you are not busy with pesach cleaning already?)!!

shabbat shalom,