Thursday, February 4, 2010

Florida....Day 1...Thursday

OK here we go....

Our wonderful friend Michal came with us in the car to drive the van home from the airport (c'mon ,you all know me-would I ever pay for a week of long term parking? I think not! Speaking of which, remind me to tell you all on my Friday post about our awesome Florida parking deal!)

So. Michal came with us-she squeeeezed in the back between the kids and allowed them to play Brickbreaker on her phone.

Shana insisted on changing out of her uniform in the car. "Mommy, I will NOT wear my UNIFORM on the plane"

Well now.

See them all with their stuffed animals? I allowed them ONE each. I still believe it's a minor miracle that they all came home.

After a packed flight to Florida (on Spirit Airlines, the Greyhound bus of the skies), we got to Ft. Lauderdale at 11 pm. By the time we got our rental van and got to the hotel, it was after midnight. The kids got to bed by about 12:30, and slept until 8:30.

By 8:45 we were here:

I know you're a little jealous. It's ok to cry that you were in the arctic while we were swimming (well except for you, Steph. You live in the most beautiful land of them all. I think I need to move to Miami)

We swam for a few hours and then went on our big outing, to Lion Country Safari. It was SO COOL! The kids loved it. Of course I didn't take any pictures of the safari part of it, so imagine lots of rhinos, lionesses, giraffes, zebras, and the like about 10 feet away from you and you'll get the idea.

Then we moved on to Safari Land, the park part of the place. We:

rode a ferris wheel (well not me, I'm afraid of heights...didn't know that about me, didja?)

Rode a pontoon

played mini golf

rode a carousel (oh this is such a great picture of Dovi)

checked out some flamingos

smiled like little clowns

And FED GIRAFFES! OMG it was sooooooo cool.

Jacob and Dovi refused to.

Oh well, more for us. It was one of those "once in a lifetime" moments-when else will you feed a giraffe?

Sorry it's all bright...

No worries, there's glass between them and the crocodile.

Then we went out to dinner in Boca Raton, and went back to the hotel. Benjie and I sat in the dark room by the light of the bathroom after the kids went to bed, hunched over the laptop. Ahhh the rocking life of parents.

Friday coming up later! (maybe tomorrow-I'm still getting unpacked and organized!)

And just because I love y'all...a little preview :)


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! What great photos! What a great time! What extraordinary, splendid grandchildren having the time of their lives. Looking forward to the next installment.

Love, Mommy/Savta

Miriam said...

Amazingness! Love it! Also- just FYI- you can feed giraffes in Schaumburg- at Goebarts farm- I took Ruvie there on Chol Hamoed Sukkos. Lots of fun! Way cool- way cheap! Totally your kind of trip.

Rach said...

Such a good update! But I'm dying to hear your race report, so keep it moving!

elana said...

great pcitures! look like you had a great time. i was in florida for a toal of two days last week and it rained for half of one! oh well. glad you got good weather.

Anonymous said...

So much fun! They all look thrilled.

Anonymous said...

HEEEEEEEYYYYY!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU GUYS ALREADY!!!!! Florida is just not the same without you! Can't wait to see all the pix! It was really awesome spending Shabbos with you guys. Hope you are all rested up from the race. Missed you at the restaurant. Oh well, next time. I REALLY MISS ALL OF YOU!!!!! Thanx "Mom" for everything! You guys ROCK!!!!!!! GO TEAM DOVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s. I'm alive. Couldn't move for 3 days. But I'm ok now. Next year-TRAINING!!!! AND NORMAL RUNNING SHOES!!!!!!

debbie said...

ooh, we love lion country safari (and not just because the admission price gets you all the rides and the splash park and everything)!

thanks for making my friday! have a great shabbat!

DESJ and Company said...

DJ-I was seriously worried about you on Sunday. You looked a little scary. So sorry we didn't make it to Asia on Monday night-but you saw the weather!!!! Glad to hear you have recovered.

And Debbie-you don't think I PAID for LCS, do you? Please. I have my ways.

Stephanie said...

You must know that we Miamians tell the tourists by those who are in the pool in January. We do not swim in the "winter." We find it too cold. :)
But move to Miami - we have room for 6 Porushes!